Hello visitor and welcome on my yarn works section. I did my first yarn work in a fence in 2010 called "Xorof" (see first picture), it was done with kite string and the name "Xorof" was born that day. Before that i also did a "Cult" work in a fence at Schiedam (no picture) but that was done with found trash like branches and plastic. When i saw the artist HOTTEA doing letters with 3D in a fence in 2012 i decided to also use that technic.
Making a work is fun but i also prefer to be at a place with a nice atmosphere, for me it's an important factor.
Making an artwork giving me a good feeling, it's almost like a meditive experience and most of the time i don't even drink or eat during making an artwork.
The reason that i make art is that it's helping me to understand myself. During a part of my life i was finding out how i can be happier, i was not really depressed but i was also not happy but these days i can say i have found a good balance in my life.
Feel free to blog the pictures :), if u want to use it in a commercial way please contact me here.
Below you will find a selection of my personal favorites.