Femoesa's street art works (selection).

Hi and welcome on the homepage of Femoesa where you can check out the archived works. Femoesa was an alter ego of me Gerard Raatgeep. Here you will find a selection of my works. I decided to stop making street art because i have done it for the last 17 years and the time is there to focus on new projects.

I have done street art since 2002 under different names, from 2012 till 2017 i did a lot of yarn works in and around The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam.
I am now busy with other projects, check them out here.
Greetings from Gerard Raatgeep.
R.I.P. Femoesa - Somewhere 2007 / 2 February 2019.

Selected works


You can mail me on rtgp@rtgp.xyz