About me.

My story

Hello my name is Gerard Raatgeep, 46 years and living in the Netherlands.
I am creating since i was a little boy and creating for me is very important.

On 26 June 2018 i started my project Daily blindfolded drawings and this project is really fun to do. Everytime when i finished a drawing i am happy because i get always unexpected results, normally when i am drawing i have some rules and by doing it blindfolded i force myself to not follow the rules so that's also a way for me to get outside my comfort zone.
Daily blindfolded drawings.
Or click here for the dutch version. (Elkedagkunst.nl)

I am using my art to express myself, i used a lot of words from psychology in my Street Art.
Don't be afraid to cre8

With my Selfies With a Twist project i dare to get a bit uncomfortable because i like to get out of my comfort zone.

Selfies with a twist

Here is a short interview with me, and here's an article.

On this moment, January 2019, i started to focus more on making installations and video art.
And this is my channel.