Gerard Raatgeep's projects.

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.....Leaf blog.....


Every leaf is an artwork and i want to share my findings. I walk daily and on my way i like to walk in nature. Did you know that a big tree can contain up to +-250.00 leaves!. Most leaves that i post are findings from the day or the day before, when there to long in my house they start to get very dry and they fall apart. All the leafs are scanned with my Epson Perfection V37 and the bigger leafs with my Mustek P3600 A3 scanner.

.....I am just standing.....


I just take a picture of myself. This project will be ended when i am dead. The goal is to see the progress in style of clothing, the aging process and the overall composition of the photo. The idea is very simple, first i try to find a nice background for the photo and then i set the self timer of the camera to 10 seconds. Then i take 3 steps from the camera and thats it. I have mounted a mini tripod on the back of my bike so it's easy and fast for me to take a picture, also i carry a tripod with me for the place where i can't use my bike. As the project was in progress within the first few weeks i thought this is a pretty fun project because it seems to be a nice idea to do this till the day that i will die..

.....Street art.....


I am active with street art since 2002 and with the name Femoesa since +- 2009. I have done a lot of different projects with different names and i am still experimenting, psychology is a big influence in my work.

.....Very inactive projects.....

Daily art

Abstract works

Abstract art experiments


Daily blindfolded drawings

Selfies with a twist

Plastic bags in trees and bushes

Daily randomly generated colorful abstract art with a randomly generated title

50 shades of grey

Kitchy Flying Flowers

Vicious Cirlcles